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How to Prepare for an EMP Attack

Sometimes EMPs are created by technological devices, nuclear weapons; also, an EMP can occur naturally. Here are some ways to avoid an EMP or to survive in case of its occurrence;
Using hand-powered tools or appliances, use non-electric household devices, some of the hand-powered hand tools include, solar ovens.

As long as there is sunlight, the food can be cooked, and water can be boiled. Grinders, meat, and grain grinders can be used to crash flour from whole grains, while meat can be ground to butter. Hand powered pumps can be used to get water from the well.

Source of light, chemical light sticks are the good non-electric light source. Candles are EMP proof, but they are dim and affected by wind. Oil lamps also can be used as a source of light since they take longer to provide the view. Shop these products here.

Source of power, you can make your power from solar panels, wind turbine generators. It would be advised to keep things like charge controllers, inverters as backups.

Use of a faraday cage, It's a structure used to protect its contents from electrical harm. EMPS bags can be used to store electronic items against electromagnetic radiation, which are harmful. The outer layer of a faraday cage is supposed to be made by aluminum since it is an excellent heat and electricity conductor.

Store communication devices such as phones, laptops to an EMP bag, or in a faraday cage in case of an EMP occurrence, install batteries, or an alternative power source just in case you need a backup. Our mobile phone unusable when an EMP occurs. You will be left we few distance communications this where Citizens band radio shows their real worth.

Have backups of hand tools in your toolbox, repairing and reinforcing your home won't be straightforward if you use electric appliances. Hammer and hand saws can be a choice. Store some items like nails, screws, glue, planes, and block sanders to round out your toolset. Visit

Food production and storage, prepare better room of food like MREs since it would take a long period to recover. When an EMP occurs, people will take time to come up with ways to sort out their consumption of food. You would need seeds, livestock, and tools to jumpstart the system.

Lastly, check on security. Prepare self-defense equipment in case of An EMP attack. These can be simple as bells hanging inside your entry doors — guard dogs or any other to protect your family.

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